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How do I keep my feature in top condition? "The most important thing when trying to keep your feature in tip top condition is to use some sort of filter so the inside keeps clean. My filter is homemade and works perfectly. I have a square of filter foam that is cabled tied around the base of a dirty water pump, you may well choose a pump that is more modern with a built in filter and flow valve.

The installation guide has some pictures of my pump filter being cleaned.

As for the outside, a wet kitchen scouring pad will remove any unwanted surface material and bring back the shine if you want to as the feature ages.

If you ever feel you want to clean the inside of your feature I would recommend hanging the feature upside down and then pour white vinegar into it using a funnel and a short length of hose (Aldi White Vinegar 29p* 568ml ) so buying quite a bit would not be expensive. After several hours, whilst the feature is still hanging upside down you could connect it to your pump via a length of spare hose and flush it through. You could alternatively connect it to a garden hose or jet washer.

A fine floristry wire will fit in the stem on your leaves but it is a little fiddly."

*Price correct July 2018

Does the tree freeze up in winter? "Just take into consideration the wind chill factor and when you think it is getting cold enough to freeze running water. It does all depend on where you have your feature situated ie. out in a sheer open garden or enclosed in a walled garden and obviously how bad the conditions get. If you turn the feature off, wait 20 minutes and then pull the plastic water pipe off, gravity should do the trick and fully drain it. "

Does the reservoir need topping up in the summer? "Yes you will get some evaporation throughout the summer months, you can top up via a hose pipe or watering can or you may chose to have a mains fed reservoir with a ballcock in it. Obviously the rain tops it up naturally to some extent"

If a drought order is imposed and my tree is not in a pond (it is simply on its stand with a pond liner going to its perimeters) would I be able to top it up? "You could collect or redirect rainwater from your gutters, if it is in a pond with fish you are able to top it up as they are a life form"

Do I need a big garden? "No, the biggest tree runs on a piece of ground 10ft wide by 7ft deep so the right piece in the smallest garden with these dimensions spare can look great."