Please contact me by phone to discuss payment options.

Lisa my wife, and I are now my mum's full time carers, so we need to cut back on deliveries and time away from the house. We are encouraging as many clients as possible to collect in person.
Maximum delivery distance from CT5 3LL is 125 miles, the cost of this is £100.00 plus any tolls.

On delivery or collection I can give you fitting advice as well as hints and tips on the care of your sculpture.

Any sculpture can be viewed working from my courtyard garden, I can swap them over within minutes if you wish to view the full effect of a sculpture before you choose to buy. If you prefer to pick up your sculpture, for example a large front facing tree would fit on to a large roof rack. The all round trees fit into a people carrier with the seats removed, this gives you some indication of size.

Sunday viewings welcome 8.30-11.30am, please phone first to confirm time - it's good to talk.


I often get asked if I ship abroad and the answer to that is.......

The shipping is always down to the client to source, arrange and pay for. I can arrange bespoke crating and will photograph the hand over. This will then be emailed to you as the truck leaves our premises, to prove that it left us in perfect condition. Below are some examples of crates used for transport. The open crate is only suitable for deliveries within the UK.

(click on thumbnails to enlarge photos)

When a client needed a tree sent to the USA, collection was arranged with PSS International Removals who are based in Croydon and deliver worldwide. For further enquiries, visit the website or phone 0800 988 3711

Recently a client arranged for Franklins Removals Ltd, based in the West Midlands to collect a large copper tree from me as a part load and it was delivered to the south of France where the removals company picked up a load nearby for the UK. If you are prepared to wait a little while these situations can arise, the cost of careful shipping can be reduced. For further enquiries, please contact Steve Franklin directly for price and availability on: 01283 792838.

This shipper collected a feature that was going to Dubai and ships worldwide.

I had a phone call from a client, the lady's name was Aisling and she was located in Dublin. She placed an order for two features item number 19/6AR, one of which was for her friend Veronica who lived close to her.

Asling used a company called Shiply. For details, follow the link below:

She said this website was great for moving my water features to all countries etc, this is how she found John Killen. Aisling said Shiply would solve all transport problems all round :-) Having said this, she said would use John again but go direct to him next time.
Johns details are below:
John Killen Transport
Zoom Delivery's
Phone: 02890 760648
Mobile: 07719 047838

To get the best possible price:
1. You need to ask for a part return load and fit in around the shipper, be prepared to wait up to 6 weeks.
2. The base of my features have 4 holes that are perfect for screwing the feature to the wooden floor of the truck, this saves on crating and additional cost.
3. You would just need to copy and paste from my website the feature you are interested along with its details and email this to your choice of shipper.