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If you have a pond you may want to use this as your reservoir. This is how I built my reservoir...

1 I dug about 200mm deep into the soil, dropping down to around 300mm deep at the end where the pump would be hanging from the galvanised metal grid.

2 Then I came up from ground level with some wooden sleepers 100mm / 4" by 150mm / 6".

3 I then lined the excavation with old newspapers to protect the pond liner.

4 I laid the liner on top of the old newspapers and secured it trapping it between the the second top sleeper and the top sleeper.

5 I then fitted around 12 heavy duty angle brackets just above the pond line and screwed into the wooden sleepers. (You could cut up angle iron to make brackets and drill holes to suit). These brackets support the grid.

6 I cut a hole in the corner of the grid for easy access to the pump.

7 I used a ceramic floor tile to cover the hole in the grid.

8 I then used a fine galvanised mesh and a fine plastic mesh to stop the stones and pebbles falling through.

9 Then covered the meshing with pebbles.

10 Plastic cable ties are great for securing your pump to the metal grid and for securing the filter foam around the bottom of your pump.


These are best sourced from your local timber yard who will also probably be a fencing contractor. (Most will cut to size if needed)

Large galvanised metal grids and angle iron.
Your local scrap yard will be the cheapest. Second port of call, google your local steel fabricator (someone who makes metal gates,stairs,platforms handrails etc.)
A fabricator will cut to size cut hole for pump access and drill holes if needed.
A fabricator will also have a truck to deliver your grid at extra cost if needed.

I like DAB pumps with filter foam around the bottom as a filter and an inline filter.

Pump flow rate.
Once your feature is finished and tested I will work out the minimal flow rate needed. A pump with a much larger capacity than you need is NOT an issue as the flow return valve in your free fitting kit (supplied) will rectify this by diverting water flow away from the feature and back into your reservoir or could supply another feature.

The pump and filter is easily cleaned with a hose.

Ideas and tips
I like to go to google images for tips and ideas ie. look for bespoke water feature / pond installers etc. etc.