Previous commissions

My business is now made up of around 95% bespoke commissions. The website offers ideas and a price guide. I always try to keep in stock some features in the 595.00 to 3250.00 price range so that clients can view them working and it can then help them decide on a possible style. If on the other hand one of these particular features meets their requirements, they can also purchase it there and then.

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This tree was commissioned by a lady in the United States. I built a bespoke crate and the tree was transported by PSS International Removals.
Height: 1500mm, Width: 1000mm, Depth: 1000mm, 132 water fed leaves. 8.8kg weight
Guide Price £:3500.00

Weeping willow style with beech leaves. 1500mm in height, 1200 mm in width. 157 water fed leaves. This is a all round water feature that can be made front facing.
Guide Price £3850.00

  Item No 12.5/29 AR Copper Tree Water Feature
Weeping willow style with beech leaves. 1500mm in height, 1200 mm in width. 157 water fed leaves. This is a all round water feature that can be made front facing.
Guide Price £3250.00

  This feature was built to fit perfectly into a crate, it arrived safely in Germany and I personally think it looks stunning in it's new surroundings.
Thanks Thomas for finding the time to pass this photo onto me.

  Copper Tree Water Feature. Height 1200mm, 55 water fed leaves.
Guide Price £725.00

  Copper Tree Water Feature. Height 1290mm, Width 900mm Height 900mm 55 water fed leaves.
The customer requested a feature similar to the previous one but with the leaves spaced furthur apart. This was not a problem and didn't effect the price.
Guide Price £725.00

  Item no 4.5/12/bb Arum Lily Bird Bath Water Feature. Height 1200mm, width 600mm, 8 water fed leaves.
Guide Price £675.00

  Item no 7.5/22/bb Arum Lily Bird Bath Water Feature. Height 1500mm, width 900mm, 16 water fed leaves. This feature evolved from the smaller lily you see above, the client asked for double the leaves and larger dimensions.
Guide Price £1400.00

  Item no 31/9.2AR Copper Tree Water Feature Height 1750mm, Width 1000mm, Depth 1000mm 135 water fed leaves, triple 28mm twisted trunk.
Guide Price £3500.00

  Item no 35/11 AR/BL Copper Tree Water Feature Height 1800mm, Width 1100mm, Depth 1100mm 160 water fed leaves (larger at the centre), quadruple 19mm twisted trunk, all round aspect.
Guide Price £3900.00

  Item no 35/11 FF/BL Copper Tree Water Feature Height 2000mm, Width 1250mm, Depth 400mm approx 160 water fed leaves, quadruple 19mm twisted trunk, front facing.
Guide Price £3900.00

  Item no 27/9 AR Height 1700mm, Width 1050mm, Depth 1050mm 120 water fed leaves, 33 of which are are the new larger leaf situated towards the centre of the tree and make the feature look more striking.
Guide Price £3250.00

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  Item no 30/10 AR Height 1500mm, Width 1000mm, Depth 1000mm 134 water fed leaves.
Guide Price £3250.00
This feature was collected and installed by PONDSCAPE LANDSCAPE Garden Design who specialise in water features, ponds & Japanese gardens. Please call Colin direct if you would like a FREE consultation
Office 01494 443400 / Mobile 07816 575129
Colin lives and works around the Buckinghamshire area, close to Chalfont and Beaconsfield and was kind enough to send me these photos.

  I recently delivered this water feature to Greater Manchester on June 2012. made a beautiful job of fitting it for my client and were kind enough to send me these photos.

  Item no 02/1FF This feature is best suited to be built into a wall or rockery to feed a pond. It has three water feed beech leaves . The overall dimensions are 300mm in depth and 450mm in width. If you need more leaves, simply add £75.00 per leaf.
Guide Price £225.00

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  Display Tree. This commissioned water feature was designed for a new funeral director's premises, the unusual dimensions of 1500mm height, 1250mm width and 350mm depth were specified for the display. The impressive width gives room for 80 water fed beech leaves.
Guide Price £1000.00

  Display Tree. A similar design to the display tree above, a larger size was specified. 1500mm height, 1300mm width and 600mm depth. 120 leaves, all water fed.
Guide Price £3250.00

  Memorial Tree. This was a commissioned tree for a lady who wanted a memorial for her daughter. She chose a french terracotta pot which complimented the tree from a local garden centre which also stocks a wide range of beautiful pots including Indian sandstone. The customer was very pleased with the finished memorial, giving her an elegant container for the urn.
This tree was originally built as a functioning water feature, the pot was sourced by the client.
Guide Price £975.00

  Paul designed, built and installed this memorial tree for a private school in the south of England.
Discontinued item

Latest fund raising copper tree just planted at a Guernsey hospice

  Item no 37/16 AR / Memorial. Height approx 1850mm, width approx 1200mm This sculpture was commissioned by a Kent hospice. It is a memorial fund raising tree, the leaves are all detachable and will be engraved with the appropriate inscription. I believe the idea is that if you were impressed with the care your loved one received and you wished to make a donation this would allow you to commemorate that person on one of the trees leaves.
Guide Price £4250.00

  Water fed wall art made to a customer's requirements.
Guide Price £1250.00

  The customer wanted a sculpture similar to the 240407 Arum lily water feature but larger, to suit the dimensions of the garden.
Guide Price £1500.00

  Medium sized trees, modified and enlarged.

  Medium sized tree (same as above, right), in situ.
Discontinued item

  Weeping Willow. Height approx 1300mm Width approx 1050mm
Discontinued item

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  Item no AR7.6/15/LEAF Copper Water Feature
Height 1200mm, width 800, depth 800mm
Trunk 6x5mm Twisted up pipes, to twist up coming from the base.
Total leaves 15
Large leaves 320mm x3 Medium leaves 280mm x6 Mini leaves 100mm x3

Guide Price £2000

  Item no 32/7.5   These two sculptures were made as a pair for a lady in the south of France, each sculpture has 10 fatsia leaves and the trunk is made up of 10 pipes twisted around each other to accommodate the 10 fibre optic cables. There is a lot of unseen work inside the pot to accommodate the projector and power unit. I must make it clear that I do not supply pots or fibre optics but I do need the client to source and supply them to me so that I can work around them. Also they need to be outdoor fibre optics which require installation by an electrician and seem to be very expensive so clients need to explore this avenue first.
Discontinued item

  Item no 32/12.5/AR Fatsia Water Feature Height 1200mm, Width 1000mm, Depth 1000mm
Guide Price £2250.00

  Item no 55/18.5AR The trunk on this sculpture is a favourite of mine because it looks quite twisted from two sides and less twisted from the other two sides, almost like two trees in one. No two trees come out the same but I could make a handed pair that complemented one another if requested.

This is as big as they come as the height is governed by the height of my workshop and it is always a bonus if it fits in the van!

Height 2000mm Width 1300mm 240 Water fed leaves.
Guide Price £5000.00

  Item no P3000/14 Mixed Feature. Consisting of 3 stargazer lily flowers and water fed leaves. The other type of plant mixed in with it is fatsia which is also water fed, the small fatsia leaves are at the top and they get larger as they reach the bottom.
Height 1850mm Width 900mm Depth 900mm Approximately 50 water fed leaves.
This is an all round feature that can also be made front facing.
Guide Price £3500.00

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  Item no 10.5AR30 6 Stem Twisted Trunk Copper Tree Height 1800mm, Width 1100mm Depth 900mm
Guide Price £3500.00

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  Item no 15/TT/AR Large all round feature
Height 1850mm, width 1800mm depth 1100mm, 160 leaves, all water fed
Above are two trees made to this spec, each one with its own individuality This feature can also be made front facing with extra branches to the front
Guide Price £3850.00